Note to readers: You can lead a horse to water …

Mane Dates: Horsing Around in the Upper Midwest is halting posts.

This site, created in 2012 and operated as a free courtesy to the Upper Midwest equestrian community, is going offline indefinitely, effective July 31, 2016.

Gathering and compiling upcoming event information from innumerable barns and equestrian facilities, equine breed and discipline groups, clinicians and horse trainers, expo organizers, trail riding groups, horse and pony clubs, and other related entities requires a level of time commitment that is difficult to sustain.  

Recent professional developments have made this effort unrealistic for me at this juncture, particularly in light of the lack of a minimal amount of page interaction by those the site promotes. Readership has been steady, but largely not by those publicized here (with a few excellent exceptions). Equestrian event hosts and organizers whose horse happenings are promoted by the site have not demonstrated, for the most part, a level of firsthand participation with Mane Dates to warrant my ongoing investment in providing it.

Also, a recent (and very brief) survey yielded an abysmally low amount of responses, especially considering that this site has promoted horse events from well over 1,000 equestrian centers and other venues, as well as several hundred event-producing equine professionals and leaders. (The 12-question bullet-point survey was widely available, posted in several online groups.)

Clearly, it is time to focus my time and efforts elsewhere.

Those promoting future horse shows, training clinics, tack swaps, and other horse highlights may wish to join and post flyers or show bills in this Facebook group.

I authored a book to offer several practical pointers for promoting equestrian events. Titled 25 Top Tips for Promoting Your Equestrian Event: Get the Herd Out, this book is available (via this link) or from major booksellers (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.). Readers can also find it by clicking the book cover image in the right-hand sidebar of this page. I wrote this book to help the equestrian community, after receiving several inquiries for how-to’s and related advice on such publicity. I hope this will be continue to be helpful to many who hold horse happenings.

Best wishes to all my readers, as you follow your equestrian and other pursuits.

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