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Does your barn, breed group, or equestrian association have an upcoming training clinic, horse show, expo, tack sale, or other public event? Leave a comment on that date's post, and let our readers know! 

Early birds: Here's how to submit your Midwestern equestrian event for posting on this site.

Is your barn or horse association offering a horse show, equestrian clinic, tack swap, expo or other horse-related event in Wisconsin or neighboring areas? Wanna see it listed on Mane Dates: Horsing Around in the Upper Midwest?

First, check the Mane Dates posts for the date/s of your upcoming event, to make sure it does not already appear on the site. If it's not there, send in the key details.

Here's how.

For future Midwestern equestrian/horse events (pick one):
  1. Tag me in Facebook event pages or event announcements (if we are "friends"), or send me a message through my Mane Dates: Horsing Around in the Upper Midwest or Equestrian Examiner - Madison and More pages. (Be sure to like those Facebook pages while you're there, so you won't miss upcoming posts.)
  2. Send me a private Facebook message or email.  Be sure to include the title of event, host/sponsoring organization, street address, and contact name/phone number.
  3. Hand me a flyer, poster, or brochure in-person at a Midwestern equestrian event.
  4. Join this Facebook group, and put up your show bills or event flyers: Posting Upcoming Wisconsin and Nearby Show Bills. If you do, be sure to tag me!
(Please do not list the information below this post, as we will not receive those comment notifications in a timely fashion.)

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Event roundup pieces in the Madison Equestrian Examiner column often include slideshows of show bills and additional information on popular events in the region.

Don't miss out on Mane Dates!

Send your event information well in advance, as posts often go up several months before events occur. 

Generally, dates and details are due by the end of the previous year, to ensure they are included in the following year's posts on Mane Dates.

Barn Managers, Equestrian Professionals, Horse Product/Service Marketers, and Equine Event Hosts:  

A limited number of promotional linked graphic or business card display ads (per post) may be available soon, with ad placement payments accepted through PayPal. 

Sponsored organizational website hyperlinks may be added as well.

Check with the web page author for details. Email: neversayneigh AT aol DOT com for information.


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